It is important to understand that betting is just entertainment. You should not hope for permanent and stable earnings with the help of predictions. Every year the bookmaker improves and insures itself against losses. Why is it almost impossible to make money on bets these days?

1) Margin. This is the guaranteed earnings of the bookmaker's office. You need to predict more accurately than the sports analysts of the companies on the number of percent margin. And even that will only help you get to zero.

2) Cutting the accounts of successful players. If you will constantly win, the maximum bet amount per event will be quickly reduced. Of course, such actions of the bookmaker affect the earnings of the forecaster.

3) The amount of information and tools in the analysis. Analysts in the BC have simply more of them, and they know how to use it effectively.

Tips for Beginners

Keep an eye on sports. Better yet, choose one particular kind and watch and analyze matches carefully. Or one league, remember, the more your profile, the more chances you have to beat the bookmaker.

Read expert predictions. Take into account several opinions, pick out the main thing, and based on your and the expert's view, make bets. The last word is always you, think and make your own decision, do not rely on others.

Clearly define the bank and the amount of bets. Allocate a separate amount for betting, which will not be sorry to lose. Betting - entertainment, and for any entertainment must be paid. The bank - this is the fee. Bet no more than 10% of each bet.

Choose the most convenient for yourself bookmaker.

Do not rush to win back after losses. This is part of the game, analyze the bets, maybe you are worse at betting on a particular sport, championship, team. In no case do not increase the amount of bet!


To start betting on sports, you first need to choose a Parimatch bookmaker. It is recommended to use legal services. After that, it is necessary to register on the selected service and verify the account.

After creating an account, it is necessary to make a deposit to start the game. In order to choose events for betting, it is important to be well versed in gaming disciplines and know the position of teams in tournaments, their tasks and possibilities. Bets can be placed in different formats, the choice of events can be based on betting strategies and expert predictions.