What is a strategy in sports betting

A strategy in parimatch android betting is the rules and principles that betting players have derived from personal experience.

Having chosen a strategy, you must follow its recommendations. Before playing for real money any strategy is better to check on a betting simulator. Also, you can enter each selected bet in the table without risking money.

Double Chance Betting Strategy

A double chance bet is an order on a match that wins with two outcomes out of three possible. There are three choices in the double chance market:

  • 1X - a win for the first team or a draw.
  • X2 - victory of the second team or a draw.
  • 12 - a win for the first or second team.

Bet on double odds in three cases:

  • The favorite's safety net. If the odds are 1.95 on a clean win for the favorite, you can bet on 1X for about 1.30. If you doubt the home team's success but want to make a big bet, it's worth taking 1X.
  • Bet on the underdog. Choose matches where the favorite has problems with the composition, motivation and accumulated fatigue. A double chance on the outsider and a draw will be with high odds.
  • Bet against a draw. Choose bet 12 if you meet opponents who are only satisfied with a win.

Betting strategy on total goals in the first half

The odds on the same TB is always higher in the first half than in the second half. Bet on the total more than 1 with odds no lower than 1.50. Otherwise, play the total over 1.5 to increase the possible profit. Choose a match of teams that attack without scouting. To increase the odds, wait 5-10 minutes and put it in play.

Catch-up betting strategy

Catch-up is a betting strategy in which you increase the amount of the next bet or odds after each loss so that the first win makes a profit. In the classic version of the betting strategy known as martingale, you always bet at odds of 2.00 and, after losing, you double your next bet.

For example, you select a team that has played a total of less than 2.5 several times in a row. Then you bet on the total more than 2.5 goals in its matches until you win, while increasing the bet amount after each failure. If you bet at odds of 2.00 each time, just double the bet amount. If the odds are different, use this formula to determine your stake after each loss: (Loss Target Profit) / (Odds - 1).