Sporting events are not only spectacular, but also an opportunity to try your luck and earn money. Many people think so and look for a site where they can place their bets without having to worry about their savings. One of the leading ones is the Parimatch portal.

Parimatch is a reliable bookmaker with great possibilities

Parimatch is an international holding company which has been present in the gambling industry for over 20 years, and the website itself is secure from unauthorised intrusions from the outside. Here you can make Parimatch bet at any time of the day or night, and among other things you can get a casino sign-up bonus. The selection of sports is immense, ranging from football, hockey, tennis and basketball to rugby and darts.

After a simple registration (you'll need an email or phone number to activate your profile) you'll need to fund your account, after which all the variety of bets will be available to you. Their basic types:

  • Single is a type of bet in which there is only one outcome. Payment on it is equal - coefficient multiplied by the sum of stake.
  • Express - all selected outcomes are multiplied between themselves and multiplied by the bet amount, this will be the payout of the express.
  • A system is a multi bet consisting of multiple bets. Unlike a normal express, a system can win even if you lose more than one event.

There are also VIP bets for single, multi and system, with a minimum betting limit of 100 USD in the game account currency.

You can bet on both the result and the final score of the match, or you can predict the outcome of the first half and the game at the same time.

Winnings are withdrawn to the same card or payment system, from which the account was funded.

The user-friendly interface allows you full control of any sporting event: it is streamed online on the website, and you can follow it live.

For example, in football the premier leagues of England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Ukraine and Russia are represented, in hockey the regular seasons of the KHL and NHL are shown.

If you are impressed with Parimatch's suite of games, head over to the website (registration and betting are only permitted for adult players).

And remember: It is better to play for fun and only in a good mood!