When betting on Pari-Match, every user wants to win all the time and never lose. But that's not possible, even when playing at extremely low odds, and it's not possible for super pros. Failures are bound to happen, so you have to accept it and keep playing at the bookmakers' offices successfully.

There are two ways to use variance, and they have to be applied consistently:

  • when developing a betting strategy
  • During the real game.

Theory development

The Pari-Match bettor's main task is to develop a theory so that the average number of wins over a distance allows him to go in the black. Suppose a backstop bettor bets on the average with odds 1.8-1.9 and needs to win at least 55% over a distance.

Keep in mind that in addition to losses there are also comebacks. It is not necessarily that all of the remaining 45% of non-win bets will lose, there may be a good percentage of returns that will return the bet amount to the user's account. Again it is worth looking at the above real example, where there were 145 returns for 1690 selections, which is 8.6%. This bettor had 56% wins, 8.6% returns and only 35.4% losses.

If a theory you have developed and tested does not allow you to make profit at a distance, you should think about improving it or start to develop a new one. When the theory on paper at a long distance will be profitable, only then can proceed to the real game with real money. When developing a theory, you can use various mathematical approaches, one of which is described in detail in a separate article

Real Play

Knowing your variance allows you, when playing Pari-Match for real, to drastically reduce your possible losses at some point.

Every experienced user knows that betting basically consists of a winning streak and a losing streak.

What does knowing the variance help to avoid?

Why do many bettors, even experienced ones, sometimes lose their entire gambling pot in a short period of time?
Because they get psychologically frustrated from time to time. This happens very simply, but leads to severe consequences. Player loses a few bets, tries to win them back quickly, gets very nervous, makes wrong analysis and loses again. The psyche starts to give up and the user increases the amount of bets to win back all the losses at once. As a result he loses everything fast.
Knowing the variance allows the bettor to be confident in the strategy used. And when a bad streak begins, which leads to money losses, the player does not get nervous and does not get mad, he knows very well that soon there will be a winning, and he will win it all back at a distance. And if you also correctly apply the financial strategy described above, you will reduce your losses.