Making money from dishonest companies

Illegal withdrawal of money from the client's account verification pari match. This happens under a variety of pretexts. The most popular of them is a technical failure: supposedly, there was a glitch and the money was lost. Although usually a large team of professional developers is working on the creation of sites, so serious failures are almost impossible. It happens that a person enters his account, opens the history of betting and sees that someone else made bets.

Blocking of the account without the possibility to withdraw money. It is an absolutely classic story - a person is engaged in betting, loses, the employees "stroke his head", offer bonuses. But as soon as he starts winning, and a lot, he gets blocked at once because of non-existent rules violations. And some of the rules directly write something like the following: "The organization has the right to block the account without giving a reason.

Understating odds, incorrect calculations, delays in payments or systematic rejection of applications and other ways to cheat. A bet is taken at a quotation of, for example, 2.1, and then it turns out that there was 1.2. Instead of the expected $210 (for an initial bet of $100) a person receives $120. Or another way of taking the money: a player bets on the victory of Real, the team wins, but the history shows that it lost. The imagination of companies who deliberately cheat their users is unlimited. Every day they come up with new ways to do it.

How winnings are paid out

The process of getting the winnings in case of using the office we discussed above - the person shows the check and takes the money. Sometimes combined options are possible. For example, it is possible to bet on the site, and request a cash payment at the payout office. Recently, this option is used more and more often.

And here on the site you can withdraw money from the account. This is done in your personal office, in most cases only after verification (you can also refill your account without it, but not always). You can request a payment to a bank card, online payment system or cash. If you request a withdrawal via credit card with a certain number, the same method must be used to request a withdrawal. If you need to use another method for withdrawal, you will have to prove to the administration that this account is also yours and you have the right to use it.