There are a number of webinar software programs that can be used to create and run an online business presentation. These programs offer many features such as allowing the user to record their own PowerPoint presentation or screencast, upload files from their hard drive, as well as adding graphics and advertising to the programs. The following is a brief description of webinar software that can be used by business owners.

Webinar Software

Before Purchasing A Webinar Software

Before buying any webinar software it is important to research what the features and benefits are for each product. Here are some points below:

  • Some webinar platforms may require you to have a credit card while others offer you a free trial that allows you to test the platform before purchasing.
  •  Some webinar software allows the user to interact with external audience members while others provide a chat function. You will also find webinar platforms that have multiple boards that allow for more than one board at a time. The type of feature and capabilities offered by each program will depend on what type of presentation you are planning on giving.
  • A webinar software program that allows you to use PowerPoint presentations for webinars is known as a PowerPoint webinar software. These programs generally require that you have a computer with internet access, a web browser, and a video player. These programs usually do not require that you download and install any additional software, although you should consider doing so if you plan on making money through your webinars with them. Some of these programs cost between ten and twenty dollars per month. There are a variety of companies that offer webinar software for business purposes, so researching your options is very important.
  • If your company needs more advanced tools that can increase the amount of time spent on webinars, then a webinar software program that offers streaming video is the solution that you need. These types of programs allow webinars to be recorded using high definition or camcorder quality videos and then played right to the speaker's webcam. Most of these offer seamless connection to a website and even include the text you will hear on the webinar, so you never miss a thing. The price of these programs ranges from ten to sixty dollars per month.
  • If you want your webinar software to provide more than just visual visuals, then some of the latest offerings in this field include interactive features. With these programs, webinars can be recorded so you can watch them on your computer monitor, your iPod, your iPhone, or your television. These programs also allow you to make changes in how the webinar appears, which can be done by clicking on various buttons.
  • Before selecting webinar software for business purposes, you need to consider the amount of training and support that the software provides. The type of features offered will depend on the specific nature of your business.
  • Another aspect of webinar software for business that you will want to consider is the level of technical support provided. If you are having any kind of problem using the software or streaming the video, then you should have an expert help you out immediately. You can find support personnel by searching the Internet, searching for forums dedicated to webinar hosting, or contacting the host of the webinar. Some hosts will also offer toll-free numbers that you can call to get help.


When you are considering webinar software for business purposes, there are several things you will want to look for. First, some webinars are being held regularly, such as quarterly meetings or monthly meetings. Second, some webinars last a short period, such as a one-hour webinar. Finally, some webinars will feature slide shows, videos, and music. You will want to find a host that offers the features you need to run your seminars professionally. I hope this article helped you. Do leave a comment in the comment box below. All the best!