The mobile version of Parimatch is designed to provide unhindered access to the site and your game account from mobile devices. Since smartphones and tablets are very common today, a mobile application for accessing a casino is more relevant every day.

What the mobile application gives

Of course, you can just use the mobile version of the site itself - go through a browser. But is it so convenient? Sometimes it is difficult for your fingers to hit the necessary functions on the site, and the system does not save the password, and it will take a long time to enter it again. The solution to the problem will be the installation of the Parimatch mobile application, which allows you to access the game without using a browser, and is developed specifically for this purpose.

Among the advantages are noted:

  • the same username and password are saved that were when registering on the site from a computer;
  • all games available on the site are fully adapted for mobile devices;
  • there is no difference in speed or graphics during the game for users;
  • there is access to the same promotions, tournaments and lotteries, there are separate promotional offers;
  • it is possible to withdraw money and place bets without visiting the site from a computer.

Downloading the application is very simple - you need to go to the Parimatch casino website. It is not always possible to find the corresponding option in the list of available applications in GooglePlay or AppStore, since these systems have certain restrictions. They simply do not allow online casino mobile apps to be placed in their directories.

It is not recommended to download installation files from unofficial sources, as it is dangerous not only for the device (presence of viruses), but also for the game account - after entering the login and password, scammers can take over your money. Therefore, it is recommended to search only for official installation files that are downloaded directly from the official website. To do this, the user just needs to use the QR code posted on the main page of the online casino - modern mobile gadgets are able to recognize such signs, and this simplifies the task for their owner.

Features of use

In the application, the function of Pari Match login a new user is available, but if you are already an experienced Parimatch player, then you need to be careful and enter the same username and password that give users access to the site in their accounts. The gameplay is standard and does not change: users play, place bets and withdraw money.

For gamblers who use the Parimatch mobile application, there are special promotional offers, as well as corresponding prizes and additional features - for example, replenishment of an account via SMS and very quick withdrawal of funds to cards, transfers to a deposit from other electronic systems.